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Did you know your organisation can become an ISIC partner?

Become an ISIC partner

Partnering with ISIC is a great way to connect with the student, youth and teacher markets by offering your members access to ISIC benefits. Our programs are highly flexible and can be customised for your organisation to suit all business types, fulfillment methods & budgets.

Partnership benefits

  • Be associated with a globally recognised brand
  • Offer an added value product to your members
  • Opportunity to earn additional revenue
  • Increase your brand awareness and international profile

Why not integrate your current student ID into a co-branded ISIC card?

Thousands of universities worldwide partner with ISIC to upgrade their standard university/school ID for students, to an internationally recognised ISIC card offering cardholders over 125,000 discounts and benefits. Cards can be tailored to suit each institutions’ facilities and requirements. 

The co-branded ISIC card allows for complete personalisation on the back of the card plus selected areas on the front, this can carry your brand, logos and marketing message. 

Co branding with ISIC

Please contact us to discuss partnership opportunities for your organisation, we have a wide range of opportunities available to suit all business types. 

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