Teacher Card – ITIC

Student discounts for teachers!



If you’re working as a full-time teacher or professor, you can enjoy teacher discounts with the International Teacher Identity Card (ITIC). You can take advantage of thousands of similar benefits, services and savings that the ISIC student card offers, at home and away. So don’t forget to carry your card around with you!

What will I get from the ITIC card?

Get yourself an ITIC and you’ll save a whole lot on flights, accommodation, communications, museums, food, clothes, movies and more!

You even get access to exclusive teacher airfares at STA Travel!

With the ITIC card, all these deals and more will be yours for the taking!


  • 150,000 discounts in 125+ countries
  • Up to 40% off international airfares at STA Travel
  • 5% off STA Travel Insurance
  • Discounts at top attractions globally

What do I need to get an ITIC card?

To get an International Teacher Identity Card you need to upload the following :

  • Identification document, e.g. Passport, Birth Certificate, An official identity card issued by the official authorities
  • Passport style photo
  • Proof of full time teacher status e.g. A letter on official school or university stationery confirming that you are employed at a recognised educational establishment for a minimum of 18 hours per week and for a minimum of one academic year.


The price of an ITIC card is only RRP $25.00 SGD – nothing compared to the hundreds of dollars you will save!


The validity for an ITIC card is 12 months from the month of issue.

Please note, ISIC / IYTC / ITIC cards are non-refundable.

Get an ITIC now!